Donations to Alt Hist

As you may know Alt Hist is currently a small publication. We publish two issues a year and are able to pay authors only a token fee of $10 for their stories. However, we would like to pay authors more – and also maybe pay our volunteers an honorarium as well for helping out. To this end you can now donate if you so wish to Alt Hist. Please use the link below or in the sidebar. Alternatively, you can contribute just by buying an issue of Alt Hist!

If/as donations come in, we will give a report of what the fund is and how this might be split out to pay authors in the future.

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Alt Hist needs Volunteers

Would you like to help out with Alt Hist? In order to move the publication forward I am looking for volunteers to help out with the publication. Payment will be minimal – a free issue most likely – but hopefully the work will be interesting.

I am looking for help with the following:

Blogging on new books including book reviews, or general genre related posts

Proof-reading final proof of each issue

Filtering submissions for further consideration by the editor

If you think you can help with any of these things then please drop me a line at

Should Alt Hist offer subscriptions – please vote in the poll

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