Update on Alt Hist Issue 5

I thought I should give followers and readers of Alt Hist a quick update on where we are with Alt Hist Issue 5. I was hoping that we would have an issue ready for November this year – our plan being to publish an issue twice a year, one in May and one in November.

However, we don’t have enough stories yet for the issue. Currently there are three stories accepted for the issue, but we need another two or three to get the issues up to the right size. So that means we are probably looking at publication sometime in the New Year – so hopefully you should be seeing something in early 2013 from Alt Hist.

Until then don’t forget that there are four wonderful issues of Alt Hist available – so why not make sure you have the full collection! Check our our How to Get Your Alt Hist page for details.

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    Some information about our sister publication Alt Hist.

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