Hell has its Demons – Editor Blows Own Trumpet

Hell has its Demons coverI don’t usually mention any of my own work on the Alt Hist website, but I’m afraid I couldn’t resist giving a bit of a shout out to a new novel that I have just published in eBook format – only available on the Kindle at the moment and currently FREE this weekend.

If you like historical fantasy and stuff set in the Middle Ages it might be for you, so please be my guest and take a quick look. Thanks!

You can get it at:

Amazon.com | Amazon.co.uk

What if the demons portrayed in the Middle Ages were real and could be conjured by necromancers?

And what if those seeking power decided to use demons to get what they wanted? In Hell has its Demons a plot unfolds to use demons to take the ultimate prize of all – the crown of Edward III, King of England.

Investigating an infestation of demons in the town of St Brett’s is the last thing that Jake Savage wants to do this summer. But for his master, the controversial Oxford scholar Roger Sotil, it is a chance to prove that demons can be conjured and avoid charges of heresy.

In St Brett’s Roger sees demons possessing the townspeople. Jake thinks they are just acting very strangely. The people are scared and want answers fast. A beautiful woman, Isabel Haukwake, is accused of witchcraft. Roger feels sure that she isn’t guilty. Jake knows she isn’t. He was once engaged to marry her, until his father took her from him.

Hell has its Demons is the first novel in a trilogy

Amazon.com | Amazon.co.uk

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