About Alt Hist

Alt Hist, http://althistfiction.com, is the new magazine of Historical Fiction and Alternate History. Lovers of historical fiction for too long have been denied outlets for short pieces of fiction, as the number of print and online magazines for historical short fiction is very limited compared to the popularity of fiction set in past times. Alt Hist’s mission is to provide readers with entertaining and well-written short stories with a historical setting, whether portraying actual events or events that could have happened. If you read and enjoy historical fiction, alternate history or historical fantasy then we think you will like Alt Hist.

Alt Hist is published by Alt Hist Press.

So far we have published five issues of Alt Hist. These can be ordered as either eBooks or Printed Books.

  • If you are a reader of historical fiction and alternative history then sign up to our RSS feed to get the latest news from Alt Hist, or get an email subscription to this blog.
  • If you are a writer of historical fiction and/or alternative history, then please send your stuff in. Go to the Submissions page for more information.

10 Responses to About Alt Hist

  1. Charles Ward says:

    I look forward to your second issue; suppose Adna R. Chaffee Jr.(the “Father” of America’s Armored Force), had not died in November, 1941 – what might his role in WW II had been?

    • Mark says:

      I Charles. Glad you’re looking forward to the next issue. What’s your opinion regarding Chaffee?

      • Charles Ward says:


        Good question; Marshall had a high regard of Chaffee, yet he also had a ‘list’ of “General Officers” that he wanted out of the service, if war did come to America. I would like to think that Chaffee would have ended up in the Pentagon, in logistical charge of the Army’s Armored Divisions, under Marshall. He died of cancer in November, 1941, so we’ll never know *what* might have been. Sounds like the ‘germ’ for a “What If?” book, yes?

  2. James A. Feld says:

    I have written two short stories that fits your criteria, but I’d like to know if they are long enough. One is about 1,700 words and the other is about 2,500.

    • Mark says:


      Yes that length is fine. We’re actually publishing a much shorter piece in the next issue – about 750 words I think.


  3. Mark says:

    Charles – sounds like a story idea worth following up – I’d go for it if I were you!

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  5. Bill Mc says:

    Sounds like you’re doing well and filling a much need space for readers of short historical fiction, Mark.

    Stories look good from the samples. Best of luck on a noble project.



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