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Alt Hist Issue 1 was published in October 2010

“an interesting selection of stories and a successful debut issue” Gareth Jones at SF Crowsnest

Alt Hist Issue 1 Cover

The first issue of Alt Hist features six short stories. Click on the links to read the first part of each story:

“The Silent Judge” by David W. Landrum
“Easter Parade, 1930” by Rob McClure Smith
“Holy Water” by Andrew Knighton
“Lament for Lost Atlanta” by Arlan Andrews
“The Bitterness of Apples” by Priya Sharma
“Travelling by Air” by Ian Sales

Alt Hist Issue 1 also includes an interview with Brandon H. Bell, co-editor of Aether Age, and information about the alternate history anthology Columbia & Britannia.

You can order a copy of Alt Hist Issue 1 in several different formats.

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