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We are not currently accepting new submissions. Alt Hist is not publishing any further new issues until further notice – please see our Blog Post about what’s going on. We may publish one-off issues in the future.


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  1. question: is the manuscript to be in the body of the email or as an attachment–in “text”, or whatever? I have two stories that might qualify as alternate history.

    Good luck on your venture. We need a good alternate history and/or well researched SF history magazine.

    • By the way Roselyn, I forgot to say thanks for your kind words about the magazine. I’m looking forward to seeing your stories. We’re looking for “straight” historical fiction as well as alternate history.

  2. Hi,

    Great to hear about this! Your journal looks like it could fill the gap left by the end of Paradox, a magazine that I miss a lot.

  3. I’ve got a timeline which could be a serial. It’s a Harry Potter based timeline where the Muggles find out about Harry Potter’s magical world. I’ve got 500 updates planned and I’m up to 190. Each one is maybe 1K words so I’d submit them a bunch at a time. It’s on right now, and the effective POD is the 1996 Super Bowl (which occurs during Order of the Phoenix in canon).

    Would this work, or do we need to talk to J. K. Rowling about copyright issues?

    Teaser: Right now Voldemort is in control of North Korea and there’s an international manhunt going on for a Muggle who was bitten by a now-dead Lupin and became a werewolf without realizing it. McGonagall is in charge of Hogwarts, Dumbledore is teaching Transfiguration and currently chasing a Horcrux, Slughorn is teaching Potions, and Snape is teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts. Hagrid is a zookeeper in Washington DC and Sybill Trelawney is out of a job. It also introduces Travis Radner (the American Secretary of Magic) and Anastasios Dialonis (the Grand Mugwump and the most powerful wizard in the world — he’s effectively the head of the Wizarding United Nations)

  4. Andrew

    I think there would be a problem with any works based on another author’s creation, so I’m afraid the idea you propose wouldn’t work for us and, I suspect, would be quite difficult to be published anywhere without permission from the copyright holder.

    We’re also really focused on publishing stories based on actual or alternate histories rather than contemporary fantasy. Historical fantasy is fine though.

    thanks for your interest Andrew.


  5. Just wondering, do you wish these stories to be rough around the edges so you can take your “editorial sword” to them, or do you want them as crisp and cleanly polished as possible? The reason I ask is due to the fact that I could certainly send a short story this instant, but would have an editor friend look at it first, if need be.

    • That sounds lazy, so let me put it like this: I have self-edited the story three times over, but hesistate to send it. If I do submit it, and you happen to like it but have some suggestions – do I than get a chance to edit it and resubmit it?

      • I would recommend only sending what you consider to be a polished manuscript – otherwise the chances of rejection will be much higher. If a story is rough around the edges then it won’t be published in Alt Hist. If you feel a story needs improvement I would recommend spending more time on it.

        However, if I do accept your story there may still be some changes to that are required.

  6. Hello Mark,

    I have an Ancient Rome historical mystery short story that is archived at an online mystery ezine. Would you consider this for print in your magazine?


  7. Hi Mark, I have a similar question to Cynthia’s. I have several historical fiction pieces that were previously published, but are now out of print. Do you accept reprints of this variety? Thank you very much for your time!

  8. Hi Faith

    We might consider it if they are out of print – stories that have previously been published and are still available we can’t though. If you email me the details I will let you know.

  9. Hi, I have a smiliar question to Chris’. I also would like to send a serialized novel to you, if at all possible. Should I send that to you as well?

  10. Hi there.

    I have a question regarding word count for short stories. You have an upper limit of 10,000 words but is there a minimum word count?

    Many thanks


  11. Hi, I enjoyed the first issue , but I really wanted to say I was absolutely blown away by the last (most recent I think) issue of Alt Hist which I finished reading yesterday. Awesome project, if there’s anything like this elsewhere on the net, I’d be surprised. Nice one, keep up the good work!

  12. I just printed up a novel, set in 207CE in North Africa (see You don’t review work or have reviewers per se? I would send someone a copy, they would review and submit their review? No? After you write a book, what are you supposed to do to get people to read it?

  13. Hi Will – that’s quite a wide ranging question! We do review some books – although mostly those that are submitted to us from publishers as otherwise I think we would be inundated with too many books. There are lots of things that you can do to promote your book. Perhaps you could try looking at some forums for writers such as Absolute Write – they have a forum on book promotion tips:

    Hope that helps!


  14. Ahoy, Mark!
    In brief, I’ve just found you (through, and believe I might have a short story that’d be a good fit. Legal question, though: it’s a epistolary story, and is in the form of Renfield’s journal as he travels to meet, then interacts with Count Dracula amid dawning realizations about the Count’s true nature.
    Will the character use be a problem? Not sure whether there’d be considerations about the Stoker estate…

    • Hi Dave

      I believe that Dracula is no longer in copyright so I doubt there would be any legal issues. However, I think your story would sit better with a horror magazine than with Alt Hist – we’re more likely to publish something about a historical figure rather than a fictional one (unless of course your story was about the historical figure who was one of the possible sources for Dracula.

      Hope that helps.


  15. Would you have a problem with a piece showing the evils of persecution if the evils were shown through role reversal?

  16. I was wondering if you accept satirical pieces of Biblical histories, and if so, are there restrictions on content with regards to language and/or themes?

    • We would accept if the story has an historical setting. Other than that no restrictions on content or language.

  17. Hi
    I recently submitted a story but was wondering if there is any way of checking that it was safely received and awaiting consideration please? It is called ‘The Double Edge’.

    • Hi Robert

      We do have your manuscript – so it’s in the queue to be looked at. You should have got an automated acknowledgement that your story was received after you submitted. Did you get an email from us?


  18. A good friend has just alerted me to Alt Hist and I read Issue 5 as soon as I received it; could not put it down. Thank you for this undertaking!

  19. I have left a few messages concerning my submission, which was presented over three months ago. I have received no reply. Please let me know what the status of “The Life and Times of Bill Bonney.” John Vikara –

  20. Hello, I’m thinking of submitting a WWII character piece in three parts (don’t worry, it comes in at well under 10k words), but I have a question regarding the formatting of the manuscript. So you prefer standard ms. format (12pt Courier font with typeset markings), or is any old ms. style good?

  21. Hello,
    I was wondering exactly where you draw the line of “historical” fiction. I have a piece set during the 1973 eruption of Eldfell. I know many literary magazines and journals draw the line at 50 years prior to present day, and if so, my piece would fall just short of this mark. I would greatly appreciate any feedback on your exact defintion of “historical” fiction.
    Thank you.

  22. Can the story have a mythological tint too? I mean the story does not happen in a mythological era and does not confine to mythological creatures but uses few elements of it. Is that acceptable ?

    • We certainly do – I’m from England myself! I think most literary magazines accept submissions from anywhere in the world unless they have a specific geographic aim – for instance supporting new writers in their home country. As long as the submission is in English and historical fiction or alternate history then you can submit.

  23. I have ashort story, historical fiction that has not been published but has been submitted to a contest (one with no issues with my submitting it elsewhere) so should I wait util the contest is over (Oct) to submit to you or does that pose a problem. It has not been published in any other form.

    • Hi Jill – I assume that if you win the content it will be published by the contest organizers? If that’s the case it would be best if you wait until the contest if over. Thanks for asking, Mark

  24. I have a historical fantasy story that was once posted in a writing exercises forum. I know many journals consider anything that has been posted on-line to be published, but I was wondering if this would be something that you would consider. I have gone back to try to find it, but so far as I can tell, it is unavailable.

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