New Historical Fiction Book: The Lion Wakes by Robert Low

I’m going to begin posting on a regular basis about the latest new historical fiction book releases. I hope you find these posts informative. My aim is to take a look at publisher’s catalogues to see what’s coming out in the next couple of months. This title is just about to be published in the UK.

The Lion Wakes by Robert Low is published in the UK on 27th September 2011.

ISBN: 978-0-00-733788-0
Size: 130x197mm
Format: Paperback
Imprint: Harper
Division: HarperFiction

See Harper Collins’ website for ordering details in the UK, and where there’s information about the Hardback edition.

Here’s some information about this new historical fiction book from the publisher’s website:

The first novel in a major new series as Robert Low moves from the Vikings to the making of Scotland.

It is 1296 and Scotland is in turmoil. The old king, Alexander III, has died after falling off his horse one dark and stormy night. Scotland’s future is in peril. Edward I of England, desperate to keep control of his northern borders, arranges for John Baliol, a weak man who Edward knows he can manipulate, to take leadership of Scotland. But unrest is rife and many are determined to throw off the shackles of England. Among those men is Robert the Bruce, darkly handsome, young, angry and obsessed by his desire to win Scotland’s throne. He will fight for the freedom of the Scots until the end. But there are many rival factions and the English are a strong and fearsome opponent. The Lion Wakes culminates in the Battle of Falkirk which proves to be the beginning of a rivalry that will last for decades…

‘In The Lion Wakes Robert Low has created an enthralling, complete world: profoundly researched, brilliantly imagined. The novel is intensely exciting, enjoyable and satisfying: a novel of honour, duty, chivalry, desperation, self-interest and fear – more sophisticated than almost any recent novel with an historical setting. Crackling with original descriptive prose – sudden, arresting images combined with dialogue and accents caught to perfection – there is something deeply lyrical about its use of language. Robert Low writes too well for this novel to be contained by the label of “historical fiction” The Lion Wakes deserves to be read by all fans of historical fiction, but also by many, many more – by all those who enjoy classic storytelling in wonderful prose’ Harry Sidebottom ‘An outstanding novel. The Lion Wakes is a fantastic read, written by a real master of historical fiction. Low has painted a most compelling picture of 13th century Scotland. I cannot wait for the next book in the series’ Ben Kane ‘With excellent characters and an engaging plot that reeks of authenticity, The Lion Wakes is powerful stuff. Robert Low is on my “to read” list from now on’ Anthony Riches, author of the Empire series

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