Alt Hist added to Duotrope’s Digest

I’m happy to report that Alt Hist has now been added to Duotrope’s Digest as a fledgling market.

Duotrope’s Digest is a great resource for anyone looking for short fiction markets (as well as poetry and novels actually). I use it all the time for my own work as it has an excellent Submissions Tracker and a very comprehensive database of markets.

As a result of our listing I’m now looking forward to some short story submissions hitting our email address soon. If you have anything that you think might be appropriate please send it to

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2 thoughts on “Alt Hist added to Duotrope’s Digest”

    • Hi Sheila

      You should find most of the answers on our submissions page. We’re really looking for anything set in a historical setting. Anything to do with High School Vampires is a no-no, but otherwise it just depends on the quality and whether we like it.


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