New Historical Fiction Novels in 2014

Do you want to know what historical fiction novels are coming up for 2014? Then take a look at the Historical Novel Society Forthcoming historical novels for 2014 page.

Ones that I personally am looking forward to include:

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Maurice Druon, The Royal Succession, HarperCollins UK (4th in The Accursed Kings series set in medieval France)

Matthew Reilly, The Tournament, Orion (thriller set in 1546 Constantinople, featuring Princess Elizabeth of England and her tutor Roger Ascham)

Tim Pears, In the Light of Morning, William Heinemann (British soldiers parachuted into WWII Slovenia and their relationships with the local partisans as the Axis forces close in)

Toby Clements, Kingmaker: Winter Pilgrims, Century (1st in series set during the Wars of the Roses, beginning in 1460)

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2 thoughts on “New Historical Fiction Novels in 2014”

  1. Thanks for this list – there are some good titles there! You may also be interested in my new book: “Cædmon: The Lord’s Poet.” Set in the mid 7th Century, it expands upon the limited information about the earliest recorded English poet, The younger Cædmon inhabits a world where he rubs shoulders with the major players of Welsh and Mercian political life, being a witness to the rise and unexpected fall of Penda of Mercia.


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