Alt Hist Issue 3

Alt Hist Issue 3 Now Available

Alt Hist Issue 3 FRONT COVER

Issue 3 of Alt Hist: the new magazine of Historical Fiction and Alternate History is available now in eBook formats and in print book format. For an eBook format please visit  Smashwords  or  or  for Kindle versions. A print version of Alt Hist Issue 3 is available from or .

The third issue of Alt His t includes two stories about the American Civil War (including a story that’s a cross between alternate history and science fiction), an alternate history about the great Tesla, a tale of post-war revenge set in Dublin, and a compelling story about the early years of the space race.

Full list of stories and authors:

Praise for Alt Hist:

‘The second issue of  Alt His t  magazine builds on the solid basis of the first issue, bringing a collection of historical fiction and alternate histories from a broad cross-section of history. There are some wonderful stories among them.’ SFCrowsnest,

‘engaging and well-written short stories with a historical setting that portray actual events or events that could have happened’ Fantasy Book Review,

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