Historical Fiction for Columbus Day

Christoper Columbus arrives in America
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With Columbus Day coming up soon as a holiday in America – 12th October is the date celebrated I believe, I though it might be interesting to see what historical fiction has been inspired by Christopher Columbus the great explorer (although the Vikings got there before him didn’t they!)

If you do a check on Amazon for books featuring Christopher Columbus, the following spring up as most intriguing:

Codex 632: The Secret of Christopher Columbus: A Novel by José Rodrigues Dos Santos

Christopher Columbus Answers All Charges by Yuri Rubinsky

There also seems to be quite a bit of self-published material (I am guessing anyway by the look of it and the lack of popularity), and no really big name authors. I’m probably missing something huge, but has anyone really done a good fictional account of Christopher Columbus?

I have the feeling that someone is going to comment and provide the answer! Please let me know. Perhaps we’ll find out before Columbus Day itself dawns?

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