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Mark LordMark Lord is the Editor of Alt Hist.

Mark Lord studied Medieval Studies at the University of Birmingham and wrote his M. Phil. Thesis on Medieval Alliterative Poetry. Since then he has worked in publishing and writes historical fiction, fantasy and science fiction in his spare time.

Mark is the author of the novels Hell has its Demons, The Return of the Free and numerous short stories. He is also editor of the popular Alt Hist magazine – one of the few literary magazines to focus exclusively on historical fiction and alternate history.

He lives in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.

Visit Mark’s blog for more information about his writing. 

To contact him send an email to althist.editor@gmail.com

10 thoughts on “About the Editor”

  1. Hello, Mark-

    I enjoy Alt Hist immensely. I think it fills a void in today’s literary landscape, with strength and grace. Thank you!

  2. Have been a fan of Alt Hist but am disappointed in Issue 3 because while there is SF history there is no alternate history with its point of divergence and what if motif. I have all three editions and I hope that 4 will return to the format of 1 and 2 including af.

  3. “Light in the Darkness” is AH, but one needs to know that Owen is a real historical character and therefore the light would be a point of divergence. There is no what if there. In Alt Hist I there was the “Lament for Lost Atlanta” which is a perfect example and I figured that with the title like Alt Hist that more articles like this would be found. It was B. DuBois’ Resurrection Day that opened me up to this form of science fiction and I cannot get enough. Works in the venue are what I am looking for and have purchased Alt hist for and will purchase in the future if this is what can be found.

    • In ‘Light in the Darkness’ there is also the divergence with Tesla as well. I suppose you could argue that in any AH you need to know something of the original history to fully appreciate it.

      Alt Hist’s mission is to publish historical short fiction whether it be alternate history, historical fantasy of straight historical fiction. To this end each issue is determined mostly by what work is submitted in a given period rather than a bias to one type of fiction over another.

      One way of seeing what’s going to be in each issue is to check out the previews of each story provided – see http://althistfiction.com/current-issue/.


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