New Historical Fiction: Shakespeare’s Mistress by Karen Harper

Shakespeare’s Mistress by Karen Harper
Published in the UK by Ebury Publishing (no info on US publication)
EAN: 9780091940423
Published: 10 Nov 2011

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Information from the Publisher’s Website:

England, 1601. 
When Queen Elizabeth’s men come looking for William Shakespeare – a rumoured Catholic in a time of Catholic-Protestant intrigue and insurrection – they first question a beautiful, dark-haired woman who seems to know the famous playwright very well. Too well.

She is Anne Whateley, born in Temple Grafton, a small town just up the river from Shakespeare’s hometown of Stratford-upon-Avon. And as church records show – were anyone to look for them – Anne Whateley was wed to William Shakespeare in a small country church just days before he married another woman, Anne Hathaway, who has lived as his wife for decades.

In SHAKESPEARE’S MISTRESS, Anne Whateley – who may or may not be Will’s true wife – tells her story. Stretching almost fifty years, from the rural villages of Warwickshire to the bustling city of London, with its teeming streets and lively theatres, it’s a story of undying passion, for life, love, and literature.

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