Eight stories in the second issue of Alt Hist

I am pleased to announce that we have now accepted eight stories in total for the second issue of Alt Hist. I’m really excited about this issue. We have managed to get more fiction in this time and an even more diverse range of settings and types of historical fiction, from straight historical to alternate to historical fantasy.

Work is now starting on typesetting. More updates soon.

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5 thoughts on “Eight stories in the second issue of Alt Hist”

  1. Glad you found it – if anyone else is looking for the book in the print, the link to Lulu is http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/alt-hist-issue-1/13235023.

    Shame that the Amazon version doesn’t ship to the UK. I may use Amazon’s CreateSpace service for the next issue, but will need to check if they ship to the UK first. It’s a bit annoying that we in the UK haven’t caught up with some of these distribution models – CreateSpace still seems to be quite US orientated from what I can gather so was a bit apprehensive about doing the first issue via that service. Lulu I know definitely does ship in the UK.


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