Matthew Warner interview corrections

Please note that the interview with Matthew Warner that was published on Alt Hist’s site this morning went out with most of the links missing. It has now been corrected! And should make much more sense now I hope.

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2 Responses to Matthew Warner interview corrections

  1. Laer Carroll says:

    (How’s that for a crazy career path?) says Matthew.

    Actually, not that crazy – for a writer. We tend to have wide-ranging interests, and are willing to work at them.

    And they often serve us well. From our “mundane” jobs we usually pick up a lot of discipline and job skills which come in handy when we take up our creative pursuits. Because you don’t create a story or other work of art without a lot of discipline and exacting skills.

    Our creative side also helps us in our earn-the-rent jobs. In daily work we encounter problems all the time, most minor or even tiny, occasionally heftier ones. A creative solution can sometimes short-cut a lot of anguish and effort.

    Keep writing, Matthew. Oh, and very good Web site!

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